Finding the exceptional

Flavours, ingredients and agri-commodities executive search worldwide

In a highly specialised and competitive market, your people are what define your business strength. Attracting leaders that have the right combination of talent and the in-depth understanding of how to shape winning solutions and drive business, might feel like looking for the metaphorical needle in a haystack. Especially in the niche market of flavours, ingredients and agri-commodities, identifying and recruiting such qualified talent requires a deep understanding of the industry and your organisation.

At True-Capital we have the first-hand industry insights, network and understanding of what drives people. This enables us to successfully target the exceptional people not easily found by traditional recruiting methods.

Besides being a strategic partner for a leading food ingredients and flavour manufacturer, our focus is on agri-commodity companies worldwide. We aim to be the leading specialized executive search company for these markets.

Senior Consultant

At True-Capital Executive Search we are looking for a born entrepreneur who creates a new practice area, based on his/her extensive network in a specific industry.

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